Terms & Conditions

Important Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

For existing or new clients

If you are new to booking me as a escort girl or you are a returning customer, at all times you agree to my terms of service upon booking me as a companion or high class escort. In this overview i will list or display the most frequently asked questions which you might have in order to make use of my services. I am a freelance & voluntary escort who enjoys her job.

A pre-deposit of at least 10% ~ 50% is charged – why? The answer is fairly simple. I want clients who are sure of their case and who are willing to spend or share time with me. I don’t want to waste my time on free-loaders or people with no intentions to book at all. Payments are made using Rapid Payments by bank, the instructions will be given upon first communication.

The payment of 10% or higher will be deducted from the respect date or booking. Without a payment there’s no show and i can or will block you when you do not comply to my conditions. I understand the risk for a potential internet scam but i am a serious high class escort who’s like to share it’s time with only serious & real customers.

Upon a date we’re both free to choose what we want – but at all times and esp. in the bedroom i prefer hygiëne. Take a shower and most important brush your teeth if you prefer intimacy and / or kissing. It is a personal choice so make sure that everything is in check before you book me as a high class escort. I provide bookings at your location or fly me to you escort.

With new clients i am always assisted by my driver. This is for personal security but also a peace of mind for both party’s that everything goes accordingly. The driver will keep a low profile in regards of our booking and never be visible in your area or in front of your door. My driver guides me from A to B in a safe & regarded manner. Traveling is different.

I choose to spend my time with clients, and require mutual respect. If you have any questions in this regards feel free to send me a massage. Abusive, disrespect or anything out of the order yields in a no-contact situation.