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For those who are new to booking escorts, an escort can be the ultimate companion with lust and no strings and have a fantastic experience as if it was a real genuine hookup. As a high class escort i am specialised in first timers or people who are new such as couples and seek for a new & fantastic chapter or experience in their lives. Booking an escort is legal.

I am a High Class Escort from Belgium and available for meetings in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom & even United states. A real “Fly me to” escort girl where the sky is the a first timer i can disclose a little bit about me and what to expect when booking high class escort.

When you book an escort for the first time things might be super nervous or thrilling because you really don’t know what to expect. As a high class escort i am experienced and will make you comfertable at first meeting. The plan or idea is that we are free todo what we want and if you want to go out, relax or enjoy intimate time this is what i am here for. I enjoy my job.

An escort is the perfect choice if you just came out of a marriage, relation or you feel like your working alot and do not have the time to invest or stick with relationships. An escort is also good to overcome certain fears or anxiety you might have experienced in the past. An escort is not a sex object nor that an escort allows her to be threated bad. It is a human just like you.

We can take the time together, take it easy or slow, and explore. The goal is to have fun and pleasure together and where you are having the best and most luxury companionship i can give you. You’ll find me with real pictures on my website and i can confirm that the presentation is 100% me only. Dating can be last minute but it’s suggested to book in advance.

How long you should book for a first time depends on your needs. Truth be told dates are best when the duration is at least 3 hours or longer for the best experience with a first time escort girl. Get in touch with me if you are curious or interested in booking  a genuine high class escort. I come by to your location such as hotel or house.