Want a short or long term booking? Please read below!

If you are interested in meeting me please feel free to fill in below booking form. Ill answer you discreet within 24 hours. You can text message or call me on the number 
3 4 1 6    9  6 but please remember if i do not respond yet try again at a later time.

Please be respectfull at all times. Upon booking a payment of 10% is charged and deducted upon meeting. A payment can only be made using Rapid Payments. This is a instant payment by bank or any other accepted payment app. Faillure leads to blocking and no show. Do not waste my time.

Harrasment, bullying, disrespect, all these factors can lead to your personal details being shared among disclosed or populair faker lists. Please be hygenic upon meeting. A quick shower, a fresh breath and a good aftershave is what i appreciate in men.

Please keep in mind a predeposit of 10% or more is required to guarantee a booking. This is also in effect for returning customers. This pre-deposit can only be send by bank using rapid payments (Instant) Use BE45001846268189 / Bank BNP PARIBAS FORTIS for Predeposits.